Tuesday, March 6, 2012


            Like all of his fans, I am saddened by the death of singer, actor Davy Jones.  His loss is felt by millions.  He brought joy into the lives of many through his music, and he will be greatly missed.  It’s even more tragic that we will not be able to enjoy everything more he would have contributed to the world.  

            Yet as I come to terms with the sadness of his loss, I recall his life with so many happy memories.  I was a true Monkees fan.  I watched their television show when it debuted on NBC in 1966 and was instantly swept into their world. What great lives they led!  How fabulous it must be to have such good friends, to live in a cool house, to drive around in the Monkeemobile, to sing and perform in front of adoring fans. 

            At the time, I was 13 years old, living in a small town in Virginia, and their escapades made their lives seem light years away from mine.  I wanted to be part of their world.  I managed to do that, as best I could, and loved it.           

            During my mother’s shopping trip into town, I walked to the newsstand alone.  I felt so independent and grown up doing this on my own.   

            At the newsstand I was thrilled to see my favorite musical groups pictured on the covers of the teen magazines.  I read obsessively through the magazines and select the one I could buy on my limited allowance.  Then I’d walk a few more blocks to the record store.  I loved the record store!  Just stepping through the door, seeing the covers and smelling the vinyl made me feel closer to the “Prefab Four,” as they became known.    

            During those days when my graduation from high school seemed decades away, when moving from that small town seemed impossible, when I was sure I’d never have a real life, listening to the Monkees, watching their television show, and reading those fan magazines gave me hope that life in a bigger world was possible.   

            So thanks, Davy, for all those happy memories!